From the continent, Acira in the country, Raebesh:

Backstory: Edit

5 thousand years ago, before the knowledge of this land spread to the race in other continents, dragons rule the land of Raebesh. Elves heard of a land far away from the continent Kratora. They realized that this was a great opportunity to expand. Knowing of their close friend ship and backstory between them, the Elves told the Dwarves of this opportunity. Together, the Dwarves traveled with the Elves to this new land, where they discovered dragons with the Elves to this new land, where they discovered dragons living on the land. They were quick to attacking the dragons--which were not used to danger, since they were at the top of the food chain at this time. The dragons fought with extreme courage, but many were slaughtered. The surviving dragons, in a rush to escape, took one egg of each dragon species and hid in a place that no one would know of. The sun and the moon forever dimmed, and many that did not hear of Raebesh at this time assumed it was due to a war that was happening in Kratora. The Elves and the Dwarves then expanded across the land. 2 thousand years after, the races finally heard of this new land when sailors from Kratora traveled across the seas for more opportunity. They then traveled over and history goes on. The story starts a thousand years after.

Dragon Types: Edit

  • Twilight Dragons: Black dragons--silver scales for royalty
  • Desert Talons: Tan or Pale Gold dragons with poisonous barbed tails
  • Leaf Talons: Color varies depending on emotion
  • Cliff Talons: Red, Copper, or Orange dragons
  • Cloud Talons: Small Grey dragons
  • Aqua Talons: Blue or Green dragons with organic lights and webbed feet
  • River Talons: Green murky colored dragons with webbed feet
  • Cavern Talons: Brown or Grey dragons with fur
  • Wind Talons: Brown dragons with no wings
  • Bird Talons: White dragons with brown feathered wings
  • Ram Talons: Clay colored dragons with massive ram horns
  • Frozen Talons: White dragons with jagged horns and talons

Races: Edit

humans, elves, dwarves, orces, giants, dragonians/lizardfolk, gnomes, aarakocra, goblins, halflings, dragons disguised as people, fae